Crown Casino Promotion

The brief was to capture the different colours of the Crown Casino tower in Melbourne. It is best seen after dark with the tower lights becoming more pronounced in the darkness. And to make this a great night, the sunset was just awesome!!
As the Casino is located inn the Melbourne CBD very close to an uncontrolled heliport, it was important to reach out to the companies that use the heliport as well as monitor the air waves to listed for any approaching aircraft. I also had to broadcast my position at all time during the mission to remain safe to any aircraft in the area. It was also important to stay within the confine of the river and not to fly over the roads that are close by – a CASA safety requirement.
Shot on DJI Mavic 3 Cine drone.
For best viewing results, ensure that your YouTube resolution is set to 4K.
Thanks to @C2Films and @CrownMelbourne to complete this mission.